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Take control of your health, and stay on top of your nutritional status with nutritional lab testing

Want to feel more empowered about your health?


Ulta Lab Tests puts you in the driver's seat with their comprehensive and affordable lab testing services.  Take control of your well-being with convenient online ordering, available 24/7.


Ulta Lab Tests boasts a wide range of blood tests and health screenings, all at significant savings – up to 90% less than traditional methods. This translates to valuable insights into your health without breaking the bank. 

Ulta Lab Tests caters to both individual consumers and healthcare professionals. Order tests directly online to track key health markers and proactively manage your well-being.  Alternatively, collaborate with Ulta Lab's network of trusted healthcare providers to ensure you receive personalized guidance throughout the process.  

Gain an in-depth understanding of your vitamin and mineral status or find out how your metabolism and thyroid are functioning to ensure you make the best choices moving forward to support your body. 


Ulta Lab Tests prioritizes confidentiality. It provides secure online access to your results, allowing you to make informed decisions alongside your healthcare team (if applicable).  


Don't wait to take charge of your health – Ulta Lab Tests offers a convenient, affordable, and empowering solution.


Explore the many nutritional lab tests we offer at Mind Body Wellness below. 

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