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 Hypnotherapy Services

I love helping my clients release blockages that hold them back from achieving their goals, but realized the value of creating new associations within the subconscious mind. My curiosity eventually led to my enrollment at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute’s Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.

I've learned so many wonderful tools to assist people with empowerment and personal transformation. I have had the honor of working directly with the director of the institute and key senior staff instructors to learn to integrate my clinical hypnotherapy skills into my current practice.

See how hypnotherapy can help you discover your inner resources for powerful and lasting change.

Consults are required prior to all hypnotherapy sessions.

"It’s been my great privilege to receive inner-life help from the outstanding work of Jennifer Burrows through hypnotherapy.  I’d tried various methods throughout the years to heal from trauma.  The finding and practicing of faith have certainly helped, but a malingering need of my spirit had remained.  With the emergence of my subconscious influence, encouraged during the sessions of the warm, supportive, capable, trustworthy, and skillful work of Jennifer through hypnosis, I have received the fulfillment of that need.  Recounting my experience, the best way I can describe is to say that I have finally recovered an integral part of my pre-traumatized core. That is not to say there is no more to discover.  
That is to say that I am welcoming my inner child back to her right to life."

There are two key concepts for understanding why hypnosis is such an important tool for

creating life changes.


Homeostasis is our innate unconscious drive to “stay the same." What we are familiar with, even though negative, feels safe compared to something new or unknown.  Our knowns are shaped by our life experiences. While we may desire a change in our feelings, reactions or habits, at a deeper level our subconscious defense mechanisms seek to preserve the familiar, resisting efforts to change. While talking, planning, discussion, and rational understanding of behavior are all important concepts that occur in the conscious mind, they are part of a minimal percentage of mind power compared to our subconscious mind; it does not address our subconscious tendency to sabotage our success and/or efforts to change.


On a personal, spiritual and behavioral level, neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life. Our ability to change beliefs, emotional responses, and behavioral habits is dependent on the flexibility of our mind.  Hypnosis, Therapeutic Imagery, NLP, mindfulness, and more are the tools used in hypnotherapy to facilitate the internal, emotional, and behavioral flexibility need to overcome homeostasis and release our subconscious needs to sabotage our success or resist our desires for change.

Hypnosis is not a mysterious or esoteric concept; rather, it is a mental state that provides access to the often-unexplored realm of the subconscious. Within this heightened state of awareness, individuals, guided by skilled practitioners, embark on a journey to address and resolve various challenging issues reaching the parts of the individual that carry the narratives and stories contributing to certain behaviors, beliefs, perceptions and limitations. 

The transformative potential of hypnosis involves a process of "relearning" how one thinks and behaves, paving the way for positive life changes thus contributing  to modifying habits, behaviors, and negative self-talk.


Contrary to common misconceptions associating hypnosis with religious practices, it has been a recognized tool in the medical community since 1958. Its applications are diverse, ranging from assisting individuals in overcoming chronic pain to releasing negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, reshaping one's relationship with food and body image, smoking cessation and much more. 

Engaging in hypnosis is a voluntary act, requiring the individual's willingness to participate. Hypnotherapists, act as guides and is conducted in partnership with the client. Therapeutic hypnotherapy does not cause individuals do anything against their will. Dismissing the theatrical portrayals seen in hypnosis stage shows, where participants seemingly lose control, a hypnotherapy appointment focuses on empowerment and self-control.

A key aspect of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to induce a heightened focus. The conscious mind often resists change by automatically rejecting information that contradicts established beliefs. This resistance can create the belief that change is impossible. Hypnotherapy, however, enables individuals to bypass this resistance, allowing beneficial information to directly influence the subconscious. By doing so, desired changes in behavior are accepted more readily, often leading to swift and positive results.

Hypnotherapy is effective for over 100 different issues and or goals. I have received in-depth training in the following areas:

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Unwanted Weight Gain/Healthy Eating  

  • Healing the Inner Child

  • Hypnosis and Childbirth

  • Grief Recovery

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Hypnosis for Immune Support

  • Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

  • Life Transitions

  • Past Life Therapy

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​*All new clients please schedule a consult prior to any service. In person and phone consults available. Some services can be provided via phone or Zoom.

"Working with Jennifer has been so supportive, for myself and for my teenage son. The biofeedback system is so gentle and nurturing for our nervous systems, and the emotional support Jennifer provides has been key for both of us to deepen our own self-understanding and connection with others. We have learned so much about how to use flower essences to support our healing processes. I highly recommend working with Jennifer, she is such a gift to our community!"
" I have done several hypnotherapy sessions with Jennifer Burrows, both in-person and via zoom, and they have been extremely helpful in removing blocks and helping me access powerful truths and healing within myself. In addition, I have benefited greatly from the Body Code work I've done with Jennifer both independent of our hypnotherapy sessions and also in combination. I have found that releasing specific blocks prior to hypnotherapy has helped accelerate the session and really see and feel changes within. I highly recommend Jennifer and ALL of her amazing work!"
"My biofeedback sessions with Jennifer have been so effective overall. I started going because I was drowning in grief and I’ve seen immense improvement in that area and many others. She is both informative and very careful to work gently to just the right amount of adjustment needed. I’m still learning about all biofeedback entails but am so thankful to have found her."

What My Clients Are Saying

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