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Emotion Code and Body Code

Emotion Code and Body Code are techniques developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC to quickly identify and release trapped emotions and other energetic imbalances. In his work as a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Nelson discovered that his patients’ aches and pains were often more than physical, but also emotional. He coined the phrase “Trapped Emotions” to describe the negative emotional energy that may become trapped in a person’s body during a trying time. It’s Dr. Nelson's premise that the negative energy of troubling emotions becomes trapped in the energy field of the body. 

These appointments can be conducted in person or over the phone and zoom!

The mind and body are not separate;

rather, they are one.

​The body has an intricate and vast communication network. The mind and body are not separate; rather, they are one. Trapped and unprocessed emotions as well as other energetic imbalances can have profound physical and emotional impacts on our health. Neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert, the author of Molecules of Emotion, states, “We can no longer think of the emotions as having less validity than physical, material substance, but instead must see them as cellular signals that are involved in the process of translating information into physical reality, literally transforming them into matter. Emotions are at the nexus between matter and mind, going back and forth between the two and influencing both.”


Emotion Code and Body Code are very fast and direct ways to address emotions, belief patterns, and many other contributing factors that are creating a layer of stress, self-sabotage, and imbalances within the body. Emotion Code and Body Code are invaluable tools that can help create the internal space for your body to rebalance itself and heal energetically.


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​*All new clients please schedule a consult prior to any service. In person and phone consults available. Some services can be provided via phone or Zoom.

"I have been a client of Jennifer's for a few years. I loved biofeedback therapy and am really enjoying emotion/body code as well. I have seen the benefits of these modalities with emotional balance, release and integration. Jennifer even worked with my kids and helped them with emotional issues as well. I highly recommend her services!"

"Biofeedback is an amazing tool to use to achieve and/or maintain wellness. I have worked with Jennifer and I admire her knowledge and professionalism. I love that her services can even be done remotely."

"Jennifer helped me advance my healing using the Emotion Code, Heart Math, and Biofeedback. The results were incredible and stay with me to this day. Her loving and supportive way of being was key to my growth. She is also a nutritional counselor and works with flower essences, so is very knowledgeable in many holistic practices. I would highly recommend her, especially if you're ready to get "unstuck" and/or enhance your life in a positive way."

What My Clients Are Saying

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